.berlin – Web addresses for Berliners

Web addresses for Berliners: .berlin is the ending with which you can create your own, tailor-made web address.

The endings of web addresses come after the last dot, as for example “.com”, “.de“, “.info“ or “.org“. Around the world, addresses with the ending “.com“  occur most frequently, but in Germany the ending “.de“ is used. Since 2014 .berlin  provides web addresses for Berliners and you are able to get a web address ending in .berlin. For you, this means that you can make a statement when choosing the name for your web site. A meaningful combination of your idea and .berlin shows what interests you, what you can offer and where you are coming from.  With a web address like www.eat-well.berlin you make an impression and customers are more likely to remember you.


Why do I need a .berlin web address?

With a .berlin web address, you are immediately showing your connection to Berlin through the name of your web site.

Are your customers in Berlin? Do the visitors to your web site associate you with Berlin? Do you primarily sell your products or services in Berlin? Do your customers search in Google for a term plus Berlin such as “Hairdresser Berlin“, “Branch of XYZ Berlin”“ or “Italian restaurant Berlin“? Or would you like to show that your company has its headquarters or a branch office in the German capital, or that your next event or project will take place here? Then a .berlin web address is just right for you.


Where do I get a .berlin web address?

You can get a .berlin web address from many providers such as 1&1, Strato and united-domains.

Our availability query on www.dot.berlin will show you whether the web address that you would like is still available, which provider can offer it to you and how much it would cost. From a provider you can also get everything else that you need for your new web site such as web space, home page building blocks and email addresses.

Some .berlin web addresses are particularly valuable, as they are particularly short and fit perfectly, or they contain terms that are frequently searched for. These so-called premium web addresses are available at a fixed price in our shop and from various providers. The availability query will show you where you can get them.


How do I use a .berlin web address?

All options are open for your web site with your .berlin address.

If the .berlin address is your first web address then you can use it for your web site and for your email.
If, in addition to an existing web address such as  www.your-company.de, you have now registered www.your-company.berlin, there are a number of options as to how you can proceed:

1. Forward the .berlin web address to your existing web address.

In this way you can use both addresses in parallel. Presuming that your customers come from all over Germany, but an important number also come from Berlin, then this would be an additional option to draw attention to yourself. For your Berlin customers, you could for instance print a specific flyer, advertise locally and use your .berlin web address for that. In your web site analysis programmes you could thus analyse who arrived at your web site via your new .berlin web address.

2. Move your previous web address to the .berlin web address.

Did your old web address scarcely bring any customers to your site or is it not yet well known? Could you no longer get the address that you wanted with .de and are now online with a second class address?

With your .berlin address you now have an opportunity to relaunch your site! It is best if you ask an agency to help you with your move. If you carry out your move correctly, then your previous search engine ranking will be retained and will continue to improve.
You can forward your old web address to the .berlin address.

3. Create an additional web site with the .berlin web address.

Do you like your existing web site as it is and it fits well into your communications and online marketing strategy? Or are you planning a campaign or an event in Berlin, or have you got a branch office in Berlin or a project which should run on its own web site?

Then create a separate web site with a suitable .berlin web address such as www.summer-campaign.berlin or www.the-next-project.berlin. Above all, this makes sense if this web site is to be positioned independently from your standard web site on Google.


Which .berlin web address is the right one for me?

There is an abundant choice waiting for you.

Depending upon whether you would like to emphasise yourself, your company or a particular keyword, you can register www.your-name.berlin, www.family-law.berlin or www.product-category.berlin as a web address.

The question that you should put here is: “What do Internet users search for, if they are to find me? For the company name, what I do, or a particular term?“

If your own name has already become a familiar brand , then maybe www.your-name.berlin would be a good idea. If however, you would like to be discovered by new customers and you would like to dominate the use of a much contested term, then something like www.family-law.berlin or www.american-cars.berlin would be more suitable.


How do I move my .berlin web address from one provider to another?

In order to move your domain from one to another provider, please request an "auth code".

Grafik Providerwechsel Grafik Providerwechsel

Important: Follow your providers specifications

Announce the change of adress to your new provider

Request a transfer code (auth code) from your old provider

Additionall information may be needed

Grafik Providerwechsel

Provide the transfer code and any other information required to your new provider

This procedure may vary from provider to provider

As the parties to your contracts and as your contacts, both providers are available to answer any questions


Who has a .berlin web adress?

Many Berliners, big and small, show with their .berlin address their digital affiliation with Berlin.

Logo von Sawade Logo von boost.berlin Logo der Planetarium
www.sawade.berlin www.boost.berlin www.planetarium.berlin
Logo von Mampe Logo von like.berlin Logo vom Friedrichstadtpalast
www.mampe.berlin www.like.berlin www.palast.berlin


How do I get an email address with .berlin?

Via your provider, you can set up email addresses to go with your web site. You can create individual email addresses for each .berlin web address, for example for your team, your family, friends or projects. If you only need an email, you can choose your preferred email address at  our email service: www.mail.berlin.

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