Comment by dotBERLIN: German Parliament calls upon Government to support advancement of the Internet Domain Name System

Berlin, 09.03.2007 - dotBERLIN, the initiative for a new Top Level Domain .berlin, welcomes the resolution "Advancement of the adress space in the Internet" (printed paper no. 16/4564; courtesy translation) which the factions of Social Democrats (SPD) and the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in the German Parliament submitted to the plenary this week. In it, the federal government is called upon to support new developments in the Internet name space. In particular the introduction of new Top Level Domains, especially for urban and regional communities such as "bayern", "nrw" or "berlin", are being endorsed, said Jörg Tauss, who is spokesman for media policy of the SPD faction, this Tuesday in Berlin.

Dirk Krischenowski, founder and CEO of dotBERLIN, comments: "We welcome that the Bundestag shares our view of the potentials of the idea to have local Top Level Domains. Berlin could be the first city worldwide that has its own TLD zone and we expect a lot of positive effects from that." dotBERLIN is currently preparing the introduction of a Top Level Domain .berlin. Cities planning for city domains include N.Y.C.

The .berlin project is also supported by local politicians. Lars Oberg, Member of the ruling SPD faction in the local Berlin Parliament: "I think that .berlin is an exciting project that may bring important incentives for the Berlin community". This view is shared by Christian Goiny, who is spokesman for media policy of the CDU faction: "I appreciate this idea which deserves to be supported".

According to Tauss, further development of the internet name space is of particular importance in the medium and long term. Increased visibility and perceptibility on the internet is likely to bring huge opportunities for Germany as a whole as well as for its counties, cities, communities and regions.

Prof. Michael Rotert, president of eco, the association of the German internet enterprises, and member of the advisory council of dotBERLIN, adds: "Germany has always played an important role in the development of the internet. Today we have very high penetration rates of internet usage and the highest number of registered second level domains worldwide. Against this background, local identificators are a logical advancement."

The resolution also requests that the German government shall campaign for further flexibilisation of the character set for the Domain Name System through so called Internationalized Domain Names in Top Level Domains (for instance "köln").

The resolution is prompted by the forthcoming conference of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), scheduled from March 26 to March 30 in Lisbon, Portugal. The introduction of new Top Level Domains and the associated processes and schedules are on the meeting's agenda. The German government is further being requested to support the established system for the administration of the domain name system. Additionally, improvements in the system for storage and publication of "Whois"-data are being called upon.