Local territories on the Internet - Top-Level domain .berlin at dmexco

Berlin, 21. September 2009 - dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG will be exhibiting on September, 23. and 24. 2009 at dmexco in Cologne with the showcase for the .berlin city TLD. Good and easy to remember domains are key element for success on the Internet and onlinemarketing. Companies need to communicate 'suitable' domain names, which describe their business, their products, and their branch, to be found on the Internet by potential customers and partners. Today, many search inquiries have a local reference, e.g. "hotel berlin", so that .berlin domains will help to improve search engine rankings.

dotBERLIN presents together with other Berlin-based companies at the booth "BERLIN.digital@dmexco" the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg. The booth has been organized by Berlin Partner and media.net, it is the first "be Berlin" booth with companies of the Berlin-Brandenburg region at DMEXCO, guests are invited for an official Get-together on September, 23. from 6.30pm with Dr. Richard Meng, Spokesperson of the Senate of Berlin.