Ber­lin, 21. Sep­tem­ber 2009dot­BER­LIN GmbH & Co. KG will be exhi­bi­ting on Sep­tem­ber, 23. and 24. 2009 at dmex­co in Colo­gne with the show­ca­se for the .ber­lin city TLD. Good and easy to remem­ber domains are key ele­ment for suc­cess on the Inter­net and online­mar­ke­ting. Com­pa­nies need to com­mu­ni­ca­te ’sui­ta­ble’ domain names, which descri­be their busi­ness, their pro­ducts, and their branch, to be found on the Inter­net by poten­ti­al cus­to­mers and part­ners. Today, many search inqui­ries have a local refe­rence, e.g. „hotel ber­lin”, so that .ber­lin domains will help to impro­ve search engi­ne rankings.

dot­BER­LIN pres­ents tog­e­ther with other Ber­lin-based com­pa­nies at the booth „” the capi­tal regi­on Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg. The booth has been orga­ni­zed by Ber­lin Part­ner and, it is the first „be Ber­lin” booth with com­pa­nies of the Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg regi­on at DMEXCO, guests are invi­ted for an offi­ci­al Get-tog­e­ther on Sep­tem­ber, 23. from 6.30pm with Dr. Richard Meng, Spo­kesper­son of the Sena­te of Berlin.