Web addres­ses for Ber­li­ners: .ber­lin is the ending with which you can crea­te your own, tail­or-made web address.

The endings of web addres­ses come after the last dot, as for exam­p­le “.com”, “.de“, “.info“ or “.org“. Around the world, addres­ses with the ending “.com“  occur most fre­quent­ly, but in Ger­ma­ny the ending “.de“ is used. Sin­ce 2014 .ber­lin  pro­vi­des web addres­ses for Ber­li­ners and you are able to get a web address ending in .ber­lin. For you, this means that you can make a state­ment when choo­sing the name for your web site. A meaningful com­bi­na­ti­on of your idea and .ber­lin shows what inte­rests you, what you can offer and whe­re you are coming from.  With a web address like www.eat-well.berlin you make an impres­si­on and cus­to­mers are more likely to remem­ber you.

Why do I need a .ber­lin web address?

With a .ber­lin web address, you are imme­dia­te­ly show­ing your con­nec­tion to Ber­lin through the name of your web site.

Are your cus­to­mers in Ber­lin? Do the visi­tors to your web site asso­cia­te you with Ber­lin? Are your pro­ducts pri­ma­ri­ly sold in Ber­lin? Do your cus­to­mers search in Goog­le for a term plus Ber­lin such as “Hair­dress­er Ber­lin“, “Branch of XYZ Ber­lin”“ or “Ita­li­an restau­rant Ber­lin“? Or would you like to show that your com­pa­ny has its head­quar­ters or a branch office in the Ger­man capi­tal, or that your next event or pro­ject will take place here? Then a .ber­lin web address is just right for you.

Whe­re do I get a .ber­lin web address?

You can get a .ber­lin web address from many pro­vi­ders such as 1&1, Stra­to and united-domains.

Our avai­la­bi­li­ty query on www.dot.berlin will show you whe­ther the web address that you would like is still available, which pro­vi­der can offer it to you and how much it would cost. From a pro­vi­der you can also get ever­y­thing else that you need for your new web site such as web space, home page buil­ding blocks and email addresses.

Some .ber­lin web addres­ses are par­ti­cu­lar­ly valuable, as they are par­ti­cu­lar­ly short and fit per­fect­ly, or they con­tain terms that are fre­quent­ly sear­ched for. The­se so-cal­led pre­mi­um web addres­ses are available at a fixed pri­ce in our shop and from various pro­vi­ders. The avai­la­bi­li­ty query will show you whe­re you can get them.

How do I use a .ber­lin web address?

All opti­ons are open for your web site with your .ber­lin address.

If the .ber­lin address is your first web address then you can use it for your web site and for your email.
If, in addi­ti­on to an exis­ting web address such as  www.your-company.de, you have now regis­tered www.your-company.berlin, the­re are a num­ber of opti­ons as to how you can proceed:

1. For­ward the .ber­lin web address to your exis­ting web address.

In this way you can use both addres­ses in par­al­lel. Pre­sum­ing that your cus­to­mers come from all over Ger­ma­ny, but an important num­ber also come from Ber­lin, then this would be an addi­tio­nal opti­on to draw atten­ti­on to yours­elf. For your Ber­lin cus­to­mers, you could for ins­tance print a spe­ci­fic fly­er, adver­ti­se local­ly and use your .ber­lin web address for that. In your web site ana­ly­sis pro­gram­mes you could thus ana­ly­se who arri­ved at your web site via your new .ber­lin web address.

2. Move your pre­vious web address to the .ber­lin web address.

Did your old web address scar­ce­ly bring any cus­to­mers to your site or is it not yet well known? Could you no lon­ger get the address that you wan­ted with .de and are now online with a second class address?

With your .ber­lin address you now have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to relaunch your site! It is best if you ask an agen­cy to help you with your move. If you car­ry out your move cor­rect­ly, then your pre­vious search engi­ne ran­king will be retai­ned and will con­ti­nue to impro­ve.
You can for­ward your old web address to the .ber­lin address.

3. Crea­te an addi­tio­nal web site with the .ber­lin web address.

Do you like your exis­ting web site as it is and it fits well into your com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and online mar­ke­ting stra­tegy? Or are you plan­ning a cam­paign or an event in Ber­lin, or have you got a branch office in Ber­lin or a pro­ject which should run on its own web site?

Then crea­te a sepa­ra­te web site with a sui­ta­ble .ber­lin web address such as www.summer-campaign.berlin or www.the-next-project.berlin. Abo­ve all, this makes sen­se if this web site is to be posi­tio­ned inde­pendent­ly from your stan­dard web site on Google.

Which .ber­lin web address is the right one for me?

The­re is an abun­dant choice wai­ting for you.

Depen­ding upon whe­ther you would like to empha­sise yours­elf, your com­pa­ny or a par­ti­cu­lar key­word, you can regis­ter www.your-name.berlin, www.family-law.berlin or www.product-category.berlin as a web address.

The ques­ti­on that you should put here is: “What do Inter­net users search for, if they are to find me? For the com­pa­ny name, what I do, or a par­ti­cu­lar term?“

If your own name has alre­a­dy beco­me a fami­li­ar brand , then may­be www.your-name.berlin would be a good idea. If howe­ver, you would like to be dis­co­ver­ed by new cus­to­mers and you would like to domi­na­te the use of a much con­tes­ted term, then some­thing like www.family-law.berlin or www.american-cars.berlin would be more suitable.

How do I move my .ber­lin web address from one pro­vi­der to another?

In order to move your domain from one to ano­ther pro­vi­der, plea­se request an „auth code”.

Important: Fol­low your pro­vi­ders specifications

Announ­ce the chan­ge of adress to your new provider

Request a trans­fer code (auth code) from your old provider

Addi­tio­nall infor­ma­ti­on may be needed

Pro­vi­de the trans­fer code and any other infor­ma­ti­on requi­red to your new provider

This pro­ce­du­re may vary from pro­vi­der to provider

As the par­ties to your con­tracts and as your cont­acts, both pro­vi­ders are available to ans­wer any questions

Who has a .ber­lin web adress?

Many Ber­li­ners, big and small, show with their .ber­lin address their digi­tal affi­lia­ti­on with Berlin.


How do I get an email address with .ber­lin?

Via your pro­vi­der, you can set up email addres­ses to go with your web site. You can crea­te indi­vi­du­al email addres­ses for each .ber­lin web address, for exam­p­le for your team, your fami­ly, fri­ends or pro­jects. If you only need an email, you can choo­se your pre­fer­red email address at  our email ser­vice: www.mail.berlin.

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