Accord­ing to renown­ded city rese­ar­cher Saskia Sas­sen tech­no­lo­gy is shaping the city socie­ty sin­ce cities are main inno­va­ti­on incu­ba­tor for new technologies.


dot­BER­LIN par­ti­cip­ted in the latest con­fe­rence of the Fin­land Insti­tu­te and the Cen­ter for Metro­po­li­tan Stu­dies. We spo­ke to various experts regar­ding the chal­len­ges cites are facing in front of glo­ba­li­sa­ti­on and a fla­ter (acc. to Tho­mas Fried­mann) but spi­kier (acc. to Richard Flo­ri­da) world. Top-Level-Domains for cities are an inte­res­ting topic to dis­cuss in this regard.