Back­ground: The Internet’s ICANN may add in its sole dis­cre­ti­on new top-level domains into its cen­tral Root Ser­ver TLD data­ba­se short­ly. By this domain names like, www.1.berlinand will beco­me available.
For this reason we are see­king ade­qua­te employees that com­ple­ment the dot­BER­LIN team with excep­tio­nal know­ledge, expe­ri­ence, back­ground and atti­tu­de. For the very nea­rest future we are loo­king to fill the fol­lo­wing posi­ti­ons conscientiously:

Lord of IP Addres­ses (m/f)
You are able to map and trace any .ber­lin domain name in mil­li­se­conds with its cor­re­spon­ding IPv6 address by your pho­to­gra­phic memo­ry and intui­ti­ve allo­ca­ti­on know­ledge; even under excep­tio­nal cir­cum­s­tances and at shif­ting time zones?
If yes, your main task at dot­BER­LIN is the defen­se of the hier­ar­chy, nomen­cla­tu­re and cohe­rence of any kind of IP addres­ses for the secu­ri­ty of our com­pa­ny. The super­vi­si­on of the 3‑charcters rule and its excep­ti­ons is also part of your tasks.
Pre­vious job expe­ri­ence at IANA, Ripe, TCP/IP or is app­re­cia­ted, but not mandatory.

Name Space Evan­ge­list (m/f)
Has Inter­net blood been flowing in your veins sin­ce birth and you’ve work­ed IT won­ders from the very first key­stro­ke? Then you are the per­son to beco­me our company’s visio­na­ry lea­der for the infi­ni­te name space of .ber­lin and beyond.
One of your tasks is to spread the visi­on of .ber­lin in the user’s com­mu­ni­ty, with machi­nes, in the over 400 mega­ci­ties world­wi­de and at the outer rim of the Internet’s uni­ver­se. In your ten-year mis­si­on you will explo­re stran­ge new domain names, seek out new vari­ants and new cha­rac­ters and go bold­ly whe­re no man has gone before.
Pre­vious job expe­ri­ence at ICANN, Goog­le, MCI or NASA is app­re­cia­ted, but not mandatory.

Best Boy/Girl
Do you love the Inter­net and domain names especially?
Yes, then you are right with us, sin­ce you will be respon­si­ble for the dai­ly run­ning of .ber­lin flow and the .ber­lin head­quar­ter inte­gri­ty. This encom­pas­ses many respon­si­bi­li­ties inclu­ding pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for hiring and sche­du­ling of .ber­lin staff, the orde­ring and retur­ning of lend .ber­lin domain names, work­place safe­ty, expen­da­bles, loa­ding staffs suit­ca­ses for tra­vel, loca­ti­on search and plan­ning for the “Ger­man Evening at ICANN” events, deve­lo­ping new appli­ca­ti­ons using acro­nyms like PDDIP, URSS, SNTP, HTTD, and ser­ving as the main dai­ly repre­sen­ta­ti­ve of the com­pa­ny at local sushi deli­veries.

Sala­ry for the jobs men­tio­ned abo­ve is abo­ve the ICANN indus­try avera­ge. Extra provisions/bonuses and hand money will round up you bene­fits as well as relo­ca­ti­on sup­port, 10 dot­BER­LIN shirts per year and lots of tech­ni­cal bene­fits such as free WLAN/3–4G, latest iGad­gets and a scooter.

Job bene­fits and requirements
For all jobs offe­red you can expect an extra­or­di­na­ry likeable team with long term expe­ri­ence, endu­rance and pas­si­on in deve­lo­ping new top-level domain con­cepts. Your work cen­ter will be in our Wil­hel­mi­ni­an style office in the cen­tral­ly loca­ted borough of Ber­lin Schö­ne­berg (trans­la­ted: beau­tiful moun­tain) with in-house access to one of the oldest bars in Ber­lin, the Fel­sen­kel­ler (trans­la­ted: stone cel­lar); pre­fe­ren­ti­al access to the bar’s com­mu­ni­ty is included in the bene­fits. The Felsenkeller’s long-stan­ding com­mu­ni­ty also acts as inde­pen­dent clea­ring­house for decis­i­on making.
Exten­si­ve tra­vel for dot­BER­LIN will bring you to some of the most beau­tiful places on earth but also to unbe­lie­va­ble air­port nightmares.
The­r­e­fo­re we expect for all jobs offe­red robust health of the appli­cant inclu­ding accu­ra­te vac­ci­na­ti­on (e.g. rabies, yel­low fever, menin­gi­tis, flu, DTP, MMR and other mali­cious viru­s­es), no fear of fly­ing and the abili­ty to sleep at the air­port for four to seven nights a year. Resi­li­ence to tem­pe­ra­tu­re as well as to ver­ti­cal sepa­ra­ti­on or inte­gra­ti­on sce­na­ri­os is mandatory.
We would app­re­cia­te if you are inte­res­ted and expect your CV sent to Kat­rin Ohl­mer (kat­rin at dot­ber­lin dot de)

About dot­BER­LIN
dot­BER­LIN, foun­ded in 2005, is a bot­tom-up com­mu­ni­ty-based orga­niza­ti­on which with the aim to estab­lish and ope­ra­te the .ber­lin top-level domain as name space and iden­ti­ty for all Ber­li­ners. Our focus is to deve­lop .ber­lin respon­si­ble and sus­tain­ab­ly within a mul­ti-stake­hol­der frame­work inclu­ding govern­ment, pri­va­te sec­tor and civil society.
Our visi­on is that the new local .ber­lin domain names are con­cise and crea­te an iden­ti­ty for citi­zens, com­pa­nies and insti­tu­ti­ons. Tho­se pro­vi­ding and loo­king for infor­ma­ti­on, goods and ser­vices can thus intui­tively come tog­e­ther. The .ber­lin domain names will streng­then the fee­ling of com­mu­ni­ty among­st Ber­li­ners, impro­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and make inter­ac­tion easier, thus pro­vi­ding a sti­mu­lus for inno­va­ti­on and deve­lo­p­ment. Both for Ber­li­ners and for non-Ber­li­ners, the places cal­led Ber­lin beco­me more attrac­ti­ve as a place to visit, as a com­mer­cial loca­ti­on and as a place to live.