Nach­dem ICANN sich wirk­lich sehr lan­ge wie eine Prin­zes­sin geziert hat, gab ICANN Prä­si­dent Paul Two­mey heu­te end­lich mal das bekannt, was eigent­lich schon alle wuss­ten, aber sich kei­ner getraut hat­te zu sagen. Ich glau­be ja die neue Offen­heit liegt ICANN Neu­erwer­bung im Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­be­reich, Top-Jour­na­list Kie­ren McCar­thy. Hier aus dem Originaltext:

„The new pro­cess will lay out how gTLDs are pro­po­sed and appro­ved, and should allow for a much wider varie­ty of them to be added in a time­ly, pre­dic­ta­ble, and effi­ci­ent man­ner. ICANN expects that with the public input, the sys­tem for appro­ving new gTLDs should be com­ple­ted by the end of the year, and appli­ca­ti­ons for new top-level domains could be accept­ed start­ing in ear­ly 2008.

“If the new appr­oval pro­cess comes on-line as plan­ned, the glo­bal Inter­net could see new top-level domains added and available bet­ween June and August 2008,” Dr Two­mey added.”